2014 Health Faculty Immunizations  

Why do you need to get immunized and/or have your immunization records updated?

Your chosen program of study includes clinical placements as an essential component of your program. In order to protect yourself and the patients you will be interacting with, you are required to have your immunization records reviewed and updated by a health care professional. We encourage you to access the University Health Centre (UHC) on the University of Alberta campus to ensure that your immunization requirements are appropriately addressed.  

Booking an appointment

All faculty immunizations require that you book an appointment. Please contact the University Health Centre to schedule an appointment. We can be reached Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm by calling 780-492-2612. Book your appointment early as appointment times fill fast, especially in August and September. Have your student ID, health care number, mailing address, phone number and ualberta email address ready when booking an appointment.  

Please read the remainder of the information on this page prior to booking an appointment.  

The appointment

During your appointment, the nursing team at the University Health Centre will review your immunization records and complete a faculty immunization clearance form with you. Depending on your immunization history and blood work, completing your form and receiving your immunizations will require at least two appointments.  

If you are unable to come to the University Health Centre your family physician can fill out the form. All requirements are listed with the faculty medical form. Take these requirements with you when you see your family physician.  

What to bring to your appointment

For your appointment to go as smoothly as possible, bring all of your childhood and adult immunization records. Where can you find your immunization records? Check with your parents if they have your records. If they don’t, contact the public health unit connected to the municipality you grew up in.  

  • For Edmonton and area: 780-413-7985  
  • For Calgary and area: 403-214-3641  
  • For Vancouver Coastal Health: 604-261-6366 

Additionally, contact your elementary school, physician’s office or wherever you may have had childhood immunizations completed. 

What to do if your records are not located in Canada

Check with your family, physician, public health unit or school in your country of origin. If you immigrated to Canada as a child, Immigration Canada requires an immunization record signed from a physician in your country. Ask your parents if they have a copy of the form. 

For full details on booking an appointment, locating your immunization records and completing a immunization clearance form, read this document. 


You will be assessed a $60 fee for your first health faculty immunization appointment. If you come to your appointment without complete immunization records, there will be an additional $40 fee, for a total of $100. Alberta Health does not cover fees. 

Please arrive on time for your appointment. Students arriving late will be rescheduled and charged a $50 late fee.  If you need to reschedule or cancel your appointment, ensure that you contact us 24 hours prior to your appointment or a $50 fee will apply (no exceptions). 

Please direct all inquiries regarding faculty immunizations to your faculty.